Rice Paper Sushi Rolls

Recipe created by Wanting Huang. Watch a video tutorial here.

Asian food recipe creator Wanting Huang (@iswanting) is famous on Instagram for using rice paper wraps in an array of unusual and creative ways... basically for anything other than the typical summer roll. Her vision and creativity have come together perfectly once again to create these crispy, versatile, indulgent rice paper sushi rolls. These rolls are perfect for summer picnics, as you can easily pre-prepare, pack and enjoy them cold in the fresh outdoors. 

Our collection of rice paper wraps (Organic White Rice Paper, Organic Brown Rice Paper and Organic Brown Rice Paper with Turmeric) is the perfect canvas for this recipe. The texture is wonderfully stretchy and holds together well, making them easy to fill with your favourite ingredients, handle comfortably and roll up without worry of them falling apart. Follow the instructions on the pack to achieve the perfect consistency, as it will be more difficult to roll if they get too soggy!


The great thing about rice paper recipes like this one is that you can adapt the fillings to suit your preferences or dietary needs. Wanting has used sushi rice, kimchi, cheese, egg and salad to create a wonderfully filling vegetarian concoction, but you can swap or add any protein and vegetables of your choice. Think tofu, prawn, aubergine, salmon… the list goes on!

If you give this recipe a go, be sure to take a photo and tag us on Instagram so we can see your creations 😍 Good luck, and happy picnic-ing (for as long as the UK summer allows!).



꩜ Organic Rice Paper Wraps
꩜ Nori seaweed sheets
꩜ Cooked rice
꩜ Kimchi
꩜ Cheese (shredded or sliced)
꩜ Rolled egg omelette
꩜ Lettuce leaves
꩜ Sesame seeds
꩜ Vegetable oil for pan-frying



  1. Prepare all the ingredients: cook rice, make the rolled omelette, and cut the nori seaweed sheets and lettuce to size.
  1. Dip a sheet of rice paper in warm water until softened, then drain and place on a work surface.
  1. Assemble the roll: lay down nori, a layer of rice, kimchi, cheese, omelette, lettuce, and another piece of nori.

  2. Carefully fold the rice paper over the filling until completely closed.
  1. Coat the rolls with sesame seeds. (Enjoy immediately or pan-fry for a crunchier texture.)
  1. Heat oil in a pan over medium heat. Pan-fry the rolls until crispy, about 4 minutes.
  1. They are delicious enough to be enjoyed on their own. Or, if desired, serve them with your preferred dipping sauce.