Soba Noodles: A Tasty Way To Asian Cooking

Noodles of all kinds are a staple food in Asia. They are both affordable and versatile. They form the basis of a range of different dishes where they can be combined with a wide variety of other ingredients. To buy soba noodles is to participate in a delicious and diverse style of cuisine that is popular with many millions of people all around the world.

Noodles in Asia

There is evidence that people have been consuming noodles in one form or another for thousands of years. Some of the oldest examples are found in China. But across the globe, humans have combined flour and water to create noodle-like products. They have since become the base for some of Asia's most famous dishes, from Pad Thai to chow mein. They can be baked, fried, or added to soups or salads for a versatile and tasty selection of dishes.


From China, noodles appear to have spread to Japan, where wheat noodles are known as Udon. They are particularly popular and ramen or noodle soup may have been inspired by Chinese lamian. As noodles spread, there were also innovations such as using different grains for the flour. For example, Korean Naengmyeon is made from buckwheat, a grain originally cultivated in Southeast Asia and China millennia ago. Other common types of noodles include rice, egg, and those made from regular wheat. Soba traditionally refers to a kind of Japanese buckwheat noodle that is often eaten on New Year's Eve as well as throughout the year.

Why Should You Buy Soba Noodles?

Some of the most prominent benefits of noodles, in general, are particularly present in soba noodles. It includes ease and convenience - they are simple to store and all you need to do to cook them is to place them in boiling water for a few minutes. They are also affordable to buy and are full of nutrients. More than that, however, you can also use them to cook some mouth-watering meals.

Buckwheat is not related to wheat itself (it has a closer relationship to rhubarb) and therefore has the advantage of being gluten free. Buckwheat noodles have plenty of magnesium and other minerals as well as lots of protein and fibre. They can be eaten hot or cold, in a variety of sauces or broths, or with a range of toppings.

Popular ways to eat traditional soba noodles include combining them with what is known as a dashi broth, often with soy sauce. They can also be part of a traditional noodle soup. Radish, okra, soybeans, and nori seaweed are all usual toppings. You can have soba noodles in a cold salad or a hot dish with meat, fish, or tofu. Tsukimi soba is topped with a raw egg. It shows the adaptability of soba noodles, whatever your dietary requirements or personal tastes.

It is clear that noodles of all types form an essential part of Asian cooking culture, and soba noodles are prominent amongst them. Buy soba noodles, and you can combine them with a host of different ingredients and styles to create some of the most iconic dishes of Asia. They are a simple starting point that can inspire you to broaden your culinary horizons and sample many tasty meals.