Why Should You Choose King Soba to Buy Noodles?

Noodles are becoming more and more popular as a 'go to' snack, or main meal. They are versatile, easy to prepare and most importantly, they are delicious. But with so many different brands on the market, when you buy noodles, it is difficult to know which type to buy.

King Soba Noodles

King Soba noodles are leading the way when it comes to noodles. All of our products are organic, vegan and gluten free, so by just buying these noodles you know you have made a quality and healthy choice.

Noodles are often considered a 'fast food' and it's true, they are very quick to prepare. But unlike many other fast foods, they are nourishing. In fact, they are considered one of the most nourishing foods you can buy. The King Soba Organic 100% Buckwheat Noodles ( https://kingsoba.co.uk/collections/noodles/products/king-soba-organic-100-buckwheat-noodles) are high in protein and fibre and also contain essential minerals such as magnesium. Despite the name, buckwheat is not actually wheat and is derived from a broad leaf plant, making these noodles suitable for anyone who is wheat or gluten intolerant.


When you buy noodles you may think of Asian-inspired dishes, but noodles make a great alternative to pasta and rice and can be eaten with a wide range of sauce and toppings. However, if you love eating spicy foods or food very rich in flavour, the King Soba Organic Pumpkin, Ginger & Rice Noodles, (https://kingsoba.co.uk/collections/noodles/products/king-soba-organic-brown-rice-pumpkin-noodles) are perfect to be used in a stir fry. They are rich in potassium and antioxidants and have been blended with pumpkin, ginger and brown rice, making them wholesome and bursting with flavour.


For a range of recipe suggestions and inspiration, King Soba has plenty of ideas to appeal to everyone's taste buds, including main meals, salads and noodle soups. It also sells ready-to-go noodle soups, which are perfect for taking to the office or eating on the go. The Organic Instant Chilli Miso Ramen Pot (https://kingsoba.co.uk/collections/instant/products/organic-instant-chilli-miso-ramen-pot) is easy to prepare and contains everything you need. Just add hot water, wait a few minutes, stir and enjoy.

Health and energy

There are many reasons noodles are a good food choice. Carbohydrates provide the body with glucose which is essential for muscle and brain health. They also release energy slowly and consistently, unlike high sugar snacks which provide an immediate energy burst, followed by a crash. As well as containing nutrients and vitamins, they are also low in sodium making them the perfect healthy option.

Buy noodles with variety

When you buy King Soba noodles there is a great variety of flavours and ingredients. The Organic Buckwheat & Sweet Potato Noodles (https://kingsoba.co.uk/collections/noodles/products/king-soba-organic-buckwheat-sweet-potato-noodles) are another great choice for anyone looking for a low-fat food which is rich in vitamins A, E and C. Sweet potato is rich in these vitamins and high in potassium and these noodles go great together with any stir fried vegetables.

Fairtrade shopping

King Soba is proud to be certified Fairtrade and is the first organic noodle company to hold this certification. King Soba believes in sustainable agriculture and quality, tasty products. All our ingredients are sourced from approved farmers in countries that include Thailand, India, China and Japan.