Buckwheat Noodles - A Healthier Substitute to the Traditional Pastas

We are all looking for ways to enjoy healthy and nutritious food that tastes delicious. And for many of us, nothing is more enticing than a big bowl of delicious fresh pasta, accompanied by our favourite sauce. But the reality is that gluten intolerance can be a real problem for pasta fans, whether that ranges from the digestive discomfort that can occur after a big bowl of wheat, to more challenging conditions such as IBS or even coeliac disease.

It can be helpful to avoid gluten, which is a protein found in certain grains such as wheat. Gluten can have inflammatory effects in the body and lead to symptoms of gastrointestinal distress such as cramping, digestive issues and bloating.

So what is the alternative? The good news is that there are specialist grain products that give you all of the delicious flavours you have come to love from wheat-based noodles and pastas, but without the unwanted side effects.

Why try buckwheat noodles gluten free?

Soba, or buckwheat noodles are a great choice for all types of diet. When you choose buckwheat noodles, gluten free eating becomes easy as you don't need to worry about the unwanted effects of gluten.

Enjoying gluten free buckwheat noodles brings all the characteristics of traditional spaghetti and they make a great pasta substitute, working in cold and hot dishes alike where their versatility is a real asset to any recipe.

What are the benefits of buckwheat flour?

Buckwheat flour is a useful source of protein, rich carbohydrates, fibre, iron, manganese and thiamine. Research also shows that it tends to have a better nutritional profile than other flours available such as rice, corn or wheat flour.

Health benefits of buckwheat noodles

If you choose buckwheat noodles, gluten free eating becomes easy. It means you can also look forward to other benefits such as lower blood glucose levels and potentially reduced blood pressure. This healthy alternative to wheat and gluten containing flours provides a great source of energy and nutrition. Buckwheat is also filling and has fewer calories than wheat overall, despite its higher levels of fibre and protein. This helps you to feel full and satisfied after your meal.

It's worth noting that wheat based products tend to contain more sugars and simple carbohydrates than buckwheat alternatives, which helps to explain why they have more calories overall. So, if you start substituting wheat pasta and noodles for soba noodles, you can begin to cut some of your calories without the loss of satisfaction or the feeling of satiety after meals. This can be a great strategy if you are looking to lose a little weight in a sustainable, gradual way, especially if you choose light, healthy and nutritious sauces and dips to accompany your noodles.

Try buckwheat noodles today

Ready to enjoy the great flavour and health benefits of buckwheat noodles? Buy online today and find a wide range of specialist noodle products for all of your Asian inspired dishes, perfect for any time of the day and whenever you need some culinary inspiration! You'll see and feel the difference when you switch from gluten containing wheat, so join the buckwheat trend today!