Why Cook with Asian Gluten Free Noodles?

We're all looking for tasty and healthy ingredients to use in our home cooking, and noodles are the obvious choice for delicious Asian-inspired dishes. But why should you choose our popular Asian gluten free noodles for your next meal? Here are just some of our favorite reasons!

  1. They Taste Great

Asian gluten free noodles taste fresh, light, and delicious and they absorb the flavors that you are cooking with for the most delectable dishes. Whether you prefer sweet sauces, plenty of garlic, chilli, and ginger, or the light flavours of lime and coriander, you'll find that noodles provide the perfect base for your cooking.

  1. Asian Gluten Free Noodles Contain No Wheat

Many of us are trying to avoid gluten. It's a protein found in wheat and it can cause digestive issues. Whether you have IBS or a digestive complaint or simply want to avoid feelings of bloating and discomfort, these gluten free products give you all of the health benefits and flavour of noodles, but without the gluten issue. Stock up on these store cupboard essentials and you'll always have the perfect base for a gluten free meal.

  1. Noodles Are Versatile

Just add from the pack or cook first before stirring into your Asian-inspired dish for a fantastic finish that is delicious and healthy. Noodles work for hot and cold dishes alike, so they are extremely versatile. Try making stir-fries, Pad Thai, noodles bowls, or even wonderful chilled salads by experimenting with your vegetables, sauces, spices, and protein. You can have a lot of fun in the kitchen with noodles, whether you like trying to create legendary Asian dishes or enjoy creating new recipes that you've devised yourself!

  1. Noodles Are Healthy

Delicious noodles make a perfect alternative to rice and they taste great, with no unhealthy or artificial ingredients to worry about. They are low in fat and contain useful amounts of B-vitamins, fibre and carbohydrates, which we need for energy. Noodles are a healthy choice and their nutrition can be ramped up with the other ingredients that you add up to your final dish. It can be with plenty of vegetables, healthy fats, and protein sources. Who needs additives and chemicals when you can buy these kinds of healthy and high-quality ingredients, delivered directly to your door?

  1. Noodles Are Quick

Why spend 25 minutes waiting for brown rice to cook? Noodles only take a few minutes. Some of them can simply be tossed into the pan with whatever you are cooking. Have fun with these quick ingredients to make a flavorsome midweek meal or add them to your more complex weekend dishes when you have more time to spend experimenting in the kitchen. Some of them need to be simply boiled for a few minutes in water and other types can be added straight to your pan or wok. Why not stock up on a few kinds to maximize your kitchen ingredients?

Whatever your reasons for trying out gluten free noodles, you will find a great range here at King Soba, along with plenty of other wonderful noodle options which can be delivered quickly to your door for the highest quality ingredients!