Ultimate Guide to Buying the Best Quality Asian Noodles

Everyone loves great noodles, but how can you ensure you're eating quality, nutritious and delicious noodles that really support your wellbeing and foodie credentials - and not those cheap gooey things that either taste like rubber or dissolve in your ramen!

Buy Asian gluten free noodles

Gluten is a protein that causes many people digestive discomfort at best and more serious health conditions such as IBS at worst. Gluten is difficult to digest and can damage the digestive tract when eaten to excess over time. And with this ingredient present in wheat and so many processed foods, it makes sense to avoid it as much as possible. When you buy authentic Asian gluten free noodles from King Soba, you can rest assured that you have a quality, gluten-free product - and one that is safe to use when you're cooking for loved ones with a gluten intolerance.

Choose the right store

If you buy standard noodles from a corner shop you are unlikely to be buying a quality product. But when you buy Asian gluten free noodles from a specialist noodle store such as King Soba, you know that you are buying great products with quality ingredients from a brand that has really invested in its products.

Know what you're buying

There are a huge array of noodles on the market, so do your research before you buy. For example, you can buy vermicelli noodles, egg noodles, ramen noodles, udon noodles and Asian gluten free noodles. Each product type has a different set of characteristics that will lend a different result to your cooking - and a different nutritional profile.

Choose the right price point

Cheap noodles will be... fairly poor quality! You get what you pay for with ingredients, so show self-care and invest in your health and wellbeing by buying quality noodles from a reputable manufacturer.

Check the ingredients

Again, it makes sense to review the ingredients of the noodles you are interested in as these can vary greatly. Choose natural, unprocessed noodles rather than any made with artificial chemicals and flavourings. Salt and water are necessary, but the longer the ingredients list in general, the more processed - and less authentic - the products you are looking at will be.

Look at reviews

Customer reviews are another good way to know how good a certain brand of noodle will be, giving you an honest and open opinion from customers who have already tasted the product. If you're serious about your noodles, find out which brands other foodies like.

Know what you're cooking

In the same way that it's important to know which kind of noodles you are buying, it's also essential to know what you are cooking and buy the right noodles to fit the dish. For example, Singapore noodles tend to be made with vermicelli noodles, thick Udon noodles work well with peanut sauces, Chinese noodles are great for stir-fries and rice vermicelli is ideal for delicate Vietnamese cooking. Some noodles can also be used for dessert recipes.

Try these tips for a better all-round noodle experience and you won't feel short changed with an interior product again!