The Health Benefits of Brown Rice Pad Thai Noodles

Everyone loves a delicious bowl of nourishing and comforting Pad Thai noodles; perhaps the best known of the Asian dishes and a perfect mix of richly spiced layers and highly aromatic ingredients. Whether you prefer it with meat, fish or vegetables, the peanuts, bean sprouts, garlic, coriander, soy sauce, and lime are essentials - as are the filling and delicious noodles.

 Pad Thai noodles tend to be flat and thicker than other common noodles such as vermicelli. They are designed to gather up as much of the complex flavours of this dish as possible, and they are also surprisingly easy to eat if you are new to noodle dishes!

At King Soba, we have created Pad Thai noodles made from brown rice, which means you can also enjoy various health benefits when you buy Pad Thai noodles from us. Combine health and flavour into one delicious, wholesome dish when you cook with these nutritious ingredients. Let's take a look at some of the health benefits of these high-quality noodles.


 Why should you buy Pad Thai noodles?

  1. Slow release of carbohydrates

When you buy Pad Thai noodles, you are getting a fantastic hit of slow-release carbohydrates. This type of carbohydrate is essential for slow release of energy and it is highly beneficial for your energy levels and blood sugar. Rather than providing a heavy hit of sugar, it allows your energy levels to rise slowly and without any spikes. If you've experienced the sugar high and crash of high glycaemic foods, you'll know why this is worth avoiding!


 Although some modern diets remove or limit carbs to some degree, most nutritionists agree that healthy carbohydrates such as brown rice noodles are an essential foundation ingredient to your diet. As well as providing the energy, they provide other nutrients and help to satiate your appetite, providing valuable energy and helping you to feel full so that you don't end up snacking on other junk foods.


  1. Vitamins and minerals

 Brown rice noodles contain useful vitamins such as b-vitamins, some iron and even some zinc. They also contain fibre and are extremely low in fat. Combine noodles with nutritious protein and vegetables and you'll have a wonderfully balanced meal that will keep you full and energised for hours!


  1. Satiating for longer energy release

 Nutritionists talk about the satiety of foods, and brown rice noodles fall highly on this index - meaning that they make you feel full for a long time, without causing a blood sugar crash and spike. This means that you can fill up on these low-fat, energising wonders - which don't contain many calories - and use them as a wonderful base for a highly nutritious and delicious meal such as Pad Thai or any other Asian inspired dish that takes your fancy!


 When you do look to buy Pad Thai noodles, make sure you buy organic, high-quality noodles from a reputable supplier so you know that you are buying excellent noodles that will provide the best possible results. King Soba sells a wide range of delicious, organic and vegan-friendly noodles that are delivered directly to your door so you can begin cooking your favourite Asian inspired dishes straight away!