Soba Noodles: The Tasty and Healthy Option for Your Meals

Many of our customers at King Soba are actively looking to buy soba noodles for the first time because they have heard that these noodles are healthy as well as tasty. Let's take a closer look.

What are soba noodles?

When you buy soba noodles you're getting a real, authentic Japanese food that is intensely complicated to make by hand. The noodles are made from buckwheat and water, and sometimes with some wholemeal flour into the mix.

These noodles are authentically made fresh by Japanese chefs who train for years to get the consistency right. However, they can also be purchased dried and ready to use to make your favourite soups, broths and noodle dishes. When you buy soba noodles from a quality retailer such as King Soba, you know that you are getting the real deal, and a fast-track to your dream noodle experience, whichever cuisine you are planning to cook.

Why buy soba noodles?

Soba noodles are slippery in texture when cooked and also intensely slurp-able (if that's not a real word, we're making it one!) You'll find these tasty additions at the bottom of all good Asian soup and broth dishes, as well as in an array of traditional, modern and fusion Asian dishes - both hot and cold.

Stir them into spicy stir-fries with your meat or vegetables of choice or enjoy them cold in a salad with plenty of spicy dressing. Soba noodles are naturally low in fat and high in energy-giving carbohydrates, which help you to unlock energy and get the most from your day. Wholewheat varieties also contain useful amounts of fibre plus other vitamins and minerals.

The real beauty of these noodles is that they help to bulk out your dishes and to fill you up, so that you can slurp up lots of nutritious and intensely tasty sauces and stocks as you eat, without needing to use too much heavy protein in the process. Think of soba noodles as the base of your Asian-inspired meals, with your vegetables and protein on top, and then lashings of broth or stock to provide that richly flavoured umami goodness, which is so reminiscent of delicious Asian cooking. Because soba noodles only have a mild flavour on their own, you can pair them with all kinds of delicious flavours without impairing the overall balance of the dish.

How to get the most from your soba noodles?

You'll note that some soba noodles have more of a grey-brown colour than others, and this relates to the percentage of buckwheat that they contain. The more buckwheat, the deeper the colour. To get the most from your soba noodles, cook them carefully and avoid overcooking them or you could end up with a soggy mess.

Keen to try these noodles for yourself? You can pick up soba noodles and a wide range of other noodles and Asian inspired cooking ingredients at King Soba today. We offer fast delivery, free delivery options and superb customer service, not to mention a large and ever-evolving range of authentic Asian noodle products so that you can get the most from your cooking adventures!