Embrace the Authentic Noodle Culture with King Soba

People have been enjoying noodles as a staple in their diets for as many as 4,000 years. The origin of noodles isn’t totally clear although it is thought they were first eaten in China. However, there are also records of them being used in many other ancient cultures including Greece, Arabia and Rome.

Where did noodles come from?

Italy and China both claim to have invented the ‘original’ noodles and wherever the first came from, there is no doubt that both have made big contributions to today’s noodle culture. The debate focuses on proving the origins of wheat, as historically this was the main ingredient in noodles. Today there are many wheat-free options and we’re proud to stock gluten-free options at King Soba.

Noodles in today’s world

Noodles are a key part of the modern Pan-Asian cuisine, across China, Japan, Vietnam, Singapore and more. Today, food is about so much more than just sustenance and nutrition. It supports our economies and our religions, and of course it is a central part of family life and social relationships. We use food to celebrate important events and the everyday interactions.

China, with noodles in particular, has developed many customs like 'longevity noodles' at birthdays, or 'flavoured life' noodles at key life stage changes such as marriage or house moves. We embrace that spirit here at King Soba and, as a family-run business, look to offer delicious, healthy and convenient food for our customers. Ingredients and recipes in world noodles have changed over time and today King Soba is bringing them right up-to-date with the demands of society’s trends for healthy and, increasingly, vegan ingredients.

Different Ways To Eat Noodles 

Ramen noodles are often associated with Japanese cuisine today though they originated in China.  Made for soups, cook them separately and then add them to your dish at the end so you don’t overcook them.

Udon noodles are another Japanese favourite and have a lovely chewy texture. They are usually served hot but there are also dishes where the Udon noodles are cold.

Pho, like Ramen, is made for soup, although Pho is Vietnamese noodle soup. It is often eaten with beef, and lots of herbs and vegetables.

Pad Thai is a very popular dish of rice noodles with eggs, fish sauce and either seafood, chicken or vegetables.  Originating in Thailand, it is quick and easy to make.

Soba noodles are another very flexible ingredient.  They are made with buckwheat, which gives them their distinctive darker colour and delicious earthy – even nutty – flavour.  Soba works well in many noodle dishes.


Noodles online

If noodles are going to play a big part in your cooking, stock up with our organic, vegan and gluten-free noodles online. As you can see, they work wonderfully in all sorts of Asian-inspired dishes, and they can also be used as alternative to pasta, particularly if you’re looking for a wheat-free option.

At King Soba we love Asian-inspired dishes so we have developed various recipes for our noodles online. From ramen to miso and everything in between, you’ll find something to suit on our recipe pages.

Whether you want noodles or ramen, we have an extensive range of options and if you spend more than £30 delivery is free.